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Another look at which teams are likely to make the 2020 NCAA hockey tournament

Written on February 4, 2020 | 2 comments

Two weeks ago I wrote a First look at which teams are likely to make the 2020 NCAA hockey tournament. This article updates that with how the last two weekends’ results have changed the outlook. Who’s a lock? While two weeks ago there weren’t yet any mathematical guarantees, I no longer see any situation in […]

PWR game of the week – Can #31 Maine climb into the mid-teens this weekend?

Written on January 24, 2020 | 1 comment

Long time followers of PWR know that despite seeming pretty stable overall, individual teams’ PWR rankings can move substantially under the right conditions. An 8-10 position swing in a single weekend’s pair of games is a relatively common possibility, though it often takes both an unusual outcome for the team and a lot of other […]

First look at which teams are likely to make the 2020 NCAA hockey tournament

Written on January 23, 2020

With 10-12 regular season games remaining for most teams, we can start to get some picture of what teams need to do to end the regular season in position for an NCAA tournament bid (we generally think of ending the regular season in the top 10 as likely being in the tournament, anywhere from 10-15 […]

First PWR forecast of the 2020s (and why you might care)

Written on January 9, 2020 | 1 comment

If you care about what teams will make the NCAA hockey tournament, keeping an eye on this site between now and the selection show in March will give you a wealth of insight on how each team’s chances play out between now and then. Unlike in most other sports, the hockey tournament selection committee uses […]

KRACH predicts the NCAA tournament

Written on March 28, 2019

Everyone’s favorite college hockey ranking scheme, KRACH, has the feature that it can be used to predict the likelihood of a team winning a matchup against another team. So, it is possible to use KRACH likelihoods to determine the likelihood of each team advancing through each game of the NCAA hockey bracket. KRACH West Game […]

PWR Top 20

1 North Dakota
2 MSU-Mankato
3 Cornell
4 Minnesota-Duluth
5 Denver
6 Boston College
7 Clarkson
8 Massachusetts
9 Northeastern
10 Penn State
11 Arizona State
12 Bemidji State
13 Ohio State
14 Maine
15 Western Michigan
16 Mass.-Lowell
17 Minnesota
18 Quinnipiac
19 Providence
20 Michigan
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