Jim Dahl's College Hockey Ranked Atlantic Hockey standings "what-if" calculator

Simply predict the number of points you think each team will take in each remaining game or series. The calculator will automatically make sure your picks are consistent and keep a running total of your predicted final conference standings in the table on the right.

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Final Atlantic Hockey Standings

American Int'l2635
Air Force2427
Sacred Heart2426
Holy Cross2419
Robert Morris2419

Remaining games/series outcomes

American Int'l 17-8-1
Feb 28/Mar 02Sacred Heart (12-10-2)
Bentley 14-8-2
Feb 22/23Holy Cross (8-13-3)
Mar 01/02Army (8-11-5)
Air Force 12-9-3
Feb 22/23Mercyhurst (11-10-3)
Mar 01/02Holy Cross (8-13-3)
RIT 12-9-3
Feb 22/23Robert Morris (9-14-1)
Feb 27Niagara (10-12-3)
Mar 02Canisius (7-16-2)
Sacred Heart 12-10-2
Feb 22/23Army (8-11-5)
Feb 28/Mar 02American Int'l (17-8-1)
Mercyhurst 11-10-3
Feb 22/23Air Force (12-9-3)
Mar 01/02Robert Morris (9-14-1)
Niagara 10-12-3
Feb 21/22Canisius (7-16-2)
Feb 27RIT (12-9-3)
Army 8-11-5
Feb 22/23Sacred Heart (12-10-2)
Mar 01/02Bentley (14-8-2)
Holy Cross 8-13-3
Feb 22/23Bentley (14-8-2)
Mar 01/02Air Force (12-9-3)
Robert Morris 9-14-1
Feb 22/23RIT (12-9-3)
Mar 01/02Mercyhurst (11-10-3)
Canisius 7-16-2
Feb 21/22Niagara (10-12-3)
Mar 02RIT (12-9-3)